Monday, 4 April 2011

somewhere in the shop:

me: yes sir, can i help u ? :)
uncle kandiah: yaa, im looking for a laptop around rm1600 to rm1800?
me: i have inspiron by dell. its have a i3 processor, but no graphic card sir.
uncle kandiah: its okay, im buying for a student.
his nephew:can i have a look for this laptop?
me: yaa, sure.. go ahead.
his wife: u dont have discount ka for this laptop? im  buying for a student! student price la! ( dgn
             menengking ak! )
me: im sory no. its a fixed price.
his wife : aiyooo.. what the...
his nephew: can i overclocking this laptop?
me: sure.. errrrrrr =____________='' ( overclocking tu natang ape????)
his nephew: are u sure???
me: let me ask my fren here., 'tiam, ni lapyop bole overclock ke?
tiam: overclock apa mey? saya tatau.
me: saya pun tatau maa.. takpa2
his nephew: u dont know overclocking ka? ( muka penuh bangge! sial ah!)
me n tiam: dont know.

his explaining all off the hell with overclocking........

his wife: u dont have discount?? IM BUYING FOR A STUDENT!!!!me: how i suppose to give you discount! i cant.....
his wife: i know u cannot talk! i know u cannot. where's your bos????
me: HE IS ON A LEAVE TODAY!!!!!!!!!
his wife: >:(
me: >:((((((
his nephew: okay lah, i look around first, thank you.
me: thank u sir.

after a few minute, that uncle n his nephew came to me n ask for the same laptop. but his wife refuse to enter the shop ( hell i care??) then, they bought that laptop. eventhough they did buy, but im very upset with that customer, dy igt bagus sgt ke?? siap nasihat ak jgn msk bdg ict, not nice la apa laa.
ak mmg target ah untie tuu.. mcm mn la dy hdp kalu asyik nk mntk discount? ak da la baru keja 5 hari! baget mcm 5 tahun! bangsat giler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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